Head Hunting

Our Head Hunting service consists of an exhaustive investigative process that begins by defining, in conjunction with the client company, the profile of the search that you want to perform. Then TeamSearch develops a rigorous and deep market research to reach candidates that are related to the defined parameters, targeting those professionals who may be an integral contribution to the company.

To evaluate them, they go through different stages that help to know their professional and human competitions, to determine if they own a profile suitable for the organization.

Management Evaluation

The service consists is evaluating a candidate regarding the company´s needs. This includes an in-depth interview, performed by one Team Search member based on the competency model, following by research on the professional background and references. The next stage is continued by a psychological evaluation defined at the beginning of the process aimed to measure the
relevant variables to the position, and finally the presentation of the Summary Report with the results from each possible candidate.